About - Edutax

Our mission

At EDUTAX we concentrate on technical and professional training, with special emphasis on Hispanics and their transition to the culture, customs, laws and regulations of the United States. In addition, we provide distinctive, innovative and necessary tools on tax education, which also extend to all tax professionals enabled by the IRS. In essence, we provide “a solution to every organizational problem in order to develop any economic activity in sustainable way”.

Our Values

  • Integrity. Righteousness, honesty, morality, integrity, transparency and loyalty in our daily action are the cornerstones of our growth.
  • Leadership. We collaborate with the collective talents for the welfare and development of each activity oriented towards our customers.
  • Quality. We strive to provide the best content , constantly innovating with professional multidisciplinary teams.
  • Diversity. We are committed to shaping a broad spectrum of possibilities to assist every need.
  • Professionalism. We focus on delivering our services and treat our clients with total professionalism, according to regulatory and ethical codes.

Who we are

The EDUTAX initiative emerged from the need of the Latino community in the United States to access technical information in the areas of finances and taxes. We observe that the existing supply of adequate service for such information is insufficient, considering that the first minority in this country currently exceeds 50 million inhabitants, according to figures from the Census Bureau.

The same source mentions that more than half of the total population growth in the United States, between the years 2000 and 2010, was due to an increase in the Hispanic population. This growth has occurred not only through undocumented immigration, but most importantly by the regular arrival entrepreneurs and professionals (engineers, economists, lawyers, etc.).

The stark reality is that when arriving they find out that all such baggage of knowledge and experience is not properly valued and most of them end up performing basic activities. It is here where they find themselves in the need for contributions and training on the development of their own enterprises or professional activity.

EDUTAX is born out of a group of professionals who have lived through this experience, and feel the urgent need to help their counterparts in the transition, through education and information, both in Spanish and English languages, understanding that the chances of success are radically reduced by not learning the language of the country that welcomes them.

Work with us

In alignment with our Mission and Values, edutax not only aims to reach professionals in the tax industry with quality technical training. We also strive to multiply the channels through which we deliver this value proposition. For this reason, we also intend to expand our group of instructors. If you are interested in being part of the initiative, please send your resume to info@edutax.net