(4 hours credit for year 2020 ) Price $44. Self-study             

Program Description:

Healthcare Reform: The Affordable Care Act Tax Provisions

Healthcare Reform: The Affordable Care Act Tax Provisions examines the a) coverage-related provisions of the ACA addressing plan grandfathering, the prohibition of pre-existing condition exclusions, the proscription of lifetime and annual benefit limits, the limitation of health coverage rescissions, the requirement for certain patient protections and the general requirement for universal health care coverage, b) the tax credits available to small businesses to encourage them to sponsor employee health plans, c) the shared responsibility for certain large employers to provide employee health coverage and the tax penalties imposed for noncompliance, d) the various personal income tax changes affecting taxpayers and e) the tax credits authorized to help individuals maintain minimum essential coverage.

Upon completion of this course, the student should be able to:

  • List the principal healthcare provisions of the PPACA;
  • Identify the tax credits for which small businesses may be eligible when sponsoring employee health plans;
  • Recognize the shared responsibility requirements for applicable employers regarding employee health coverage;
  • Compute the tax penalties imposed under the PPACA for an employer’s failure to meet the applicable shared responsibility requirements; and
  • Calculate the tax credits designed to help ensure that individuals maintain minimum essential coverage