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Program Description:

Tax Treatment of Individual Retirement Arrangements

Tax Treatment of Individual Retirement Arrangements is an online course that examines the taxation of individual retirement arrangements (IRAs). In so doing, it discusses traditional and Roth IRAs, addressing the federal rules concerning: contribution limits and tax treatment; tax treatment of traditional IRA distributions, including regular, early and lifetime required minimum distributions; tax treatment of qualified and nonqualified Roth IRA distributions; required distributions at death; and IRA rollovers.

Upon completion of this course, a student should be able to:

  • Apply the rules governing eligibility for and contributions to traditional and Roth IRAs;
  • Identify the requirements and benefits related to a spousal IRA;
  • Apply the tax treatment rules concerning contributions to and distributions from traditional and Roth IRAs; and
  • Distinguish between traditional and Roth IRA distribution rules.