List of online courses we provide to our students

  (18-hour CE credit ) $159. Self-study

Annual Filing Season Program, AFSP.

This voluntary program recognizes the efforts of tax return preparers who are generally not attorneys, certified public accountants (CPAs), or enrolled agents. The IRS issues an AFSP Record of Completion certificate to return preparers who obtain a certain number of continuing education hours in preparation for a specific tax year.

Among the benefits of obtaining this credential are the possibility of representing clients for which an AFSP Record of Completion holder prepared returns, and to be listed on the IRS’ website as such one holder.

To receive a Record of Completion for filing season 2019, all continuing education must be finished by December 31, 2018.

Depending on certain factors, a tax return preparer will need to obtain a certain amount of continuing education hours from an IRS-approved CE provider according to the following chart:

Course Category

Exempt Preparers

Non-exempt Preparers

AFTR (*)



Federal Tax Law



Federal Tax Law Updates






(*) The Annual Federal Tax Refresher (AFTR) course is a 6-hour course covering general filing season issues and new tax law updates.  It requires a mandatory, three-hour, 100 question test to ensure comprehension of the materials. All questions are multiple choice format and the student must answer a minimum of 70% correctly to pass the course and get continuing education credit.

           Exempt Preparers are the following:

·        Anyone who passed the RTRP test administered by the IRS between November 2011                and January 2013.

·        Return preparers who are active registrants of the Oregon Board of Tax                                     Practitioners, California Tax Education Council, and/or Maryland State Board

           of Individual Tax Preparers.

·        SEE Part I Test-Passers who have passed it within the past two years.

·        VITA volunteers

·        Other accredited tax-focused credential-holders: The Accreditation Council for                         Accountancy and Taxation’s Accredited Business Accountant/Advisor (ABA) and 

          Accredited Tax Preparer (ATP) programs.

All others are considered Non-exempt Preparers.  A broader description of the AFSP continuing education requirements can be found at


( 8-hour CE credit for year 2019 )  Price $88.   Self-study

Program Description:

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, TCJA, sets forth that as of tax year 2018, Exemptions are eliminated (temporarily, for the next 8 years).

This program constitutes a comprehensive approach for attendees who are eager to get an in-depth understanding of individual taxation.  It outlines basic fundamentals on individual income tax such as Filing Requirements, Filing Status, Definition of Income, Accounting Methods, Exclusions, Adjustments to Income, Deductions, and Credits.

This Program consist of over 5  hours of videos and a 58-page pdf handout.

Also, you must pass a 40-question exam in order to complete the program, obtain the certificate and  have your 8-hour CE credit reported to the IRS.


(2 hours credit) Price $35.  Self-study

Ethics (sometimes called morals or moral philosophy):. is concerned with fundamental principles of right and wrong and what people ought to do; inform our judgements and values and help individuals decide on how to act. Guidance on acting ethically is informed by accepted ethical theories, principles and frameworks.


( 6 hours credit ) Price $68.   Self-study

The Annual Federal Tax Refresher (AFTR) course is a 6-hour CE credit course covering general filing season issues, as well as new tax law updates. It also has a three-hour 100 questions, open book test, to ensure comprehension of the materials.

All questions are multiple choice format and the student must answer a minimum of 70% correctly to pass the course and obtain the 6h CE credit.

The IRS deadline to approve the 2019 AFTR expires on 12-31-18.


( 2 hours credit ) Price $35.   Self-study

Detailed description of the different tax treatments available for investments destined to supplement retirement income, namely: 
Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, SEP IRA, Simple IRA, 401 (k) and 403 (b). 
Specific data regarding annual contribution limits for each plan, as 
well as rules relevant to the taxation of distributions.


( 1 hour credit ) Price $25.   Self-study

In order to force compliance with both the filing of returns and the payment of different types of taxes, the IRS imposes penalties on taxpayers that can substantially increase the value of the obligation. 
The course summarizes the definition of Reasonable Cause, the application for abatement for the first time and other techniques aimed at reducing the monetary impact of these penalties.


 ( 1 hour credit ) Price $25.  Self-study

Review of several aspects related to the Filing Status, as well as the corresponding Forms to each situation: Resident, Non-Resident and Dual Status Aliens; Tax Treatment, Elections and treaties, and other considerations.